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Red Dragon Darts - Peter Wright Euro 11 Element - Softdart 18g
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Red Dragon Dart - Peter Snakebite Wright Euro 11 Element - 18g (Soft-Dart)

Since joining Red Dragon Darts Peter has launched and played with 11 versions of darts, that have been developed from a massive spectrum of prototype darts in hundreds of shapes, weights and dimensions. Over all this time Peter has stuck to his guiding principle in looking for darts perfection in every change he has made for him. No other modern day professional puts more time and effort into their game and has an understanding of exactly what they want their darts to do.

Peters latest Euro-11's were born out of this strive for ultimate perfection, as Peter felt that his PL15's were not "Sitting exactly in the board as he wanted. This latest Euro-11 version is the longest and  thinnest dart we have ever constructed for Peter, and took 4 different iterations before Peter was totally happy. In Peter's first practice session with version 4 of the new Euro-11's he hit an obscene amount of back-to-back 180's, then took them straight into battle at the 2015 PDC European Grand Prix, narrowly losing in the final to the 'on fire' Kim Huybrechts.

Since then Peter has gone on to smash in ton plus averages and win The Players Championship in Coventry. Peter said "The moment I picked up these Euro-11's I knew they would fly exactly as I've been looking for, they are over 2 inches long and made at 5.1mm diameter giving me the most solid feel I've had in my darts for a while. I've added the Intermediate Crossfire carbon shaft and 100 micron black flight as the they balance the dart perfectly. The grip level sits in the perfect place for my hand, and they feel like I can place them anywhere on the board ".

As you'd understand we can't say there won't be a version 12 anytime soon, but any dart player can see that these are a stunning set of darts will inspire you to the best you can be.

Im Lieferumfang enthalten:

3 Darts

3 Schäfte

3 Flights

Red Dragon Dart - Peter Snakebite Wright Euro 11 Element - 18g (Soft-Dart)

Gewicht / Weight

Länge / Length

Ø min.

Ø max.


51,00 mm

6,10 mm

6,10 mm

Bei Steeldarts reines Barrelgewicht, bei Softdarts Gesamtgewicht (Barrel,Schaft,Flight). Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr.

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