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Red Dragon Darts - Peter Wright Mamba Rainbow - Steeldart 24g
92,90 €
Ext. Art.-Nr.: RDD1871
EAN: 5021921075194
Gewicht: 0,2 kg
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Red Dragon Dart - Peter Snakebite Wright Mamba Rainbow 24g (Steel-Dart)

Not much more can be said about Peter Wright's quest for the perfect set of darts. We fully understand his strive and ambition for perfection - and amazingly he thinks he'’s found it in these Mamba 16 darts. When looking at the Euro 11 darts you could see Peter's swagger on stage, and the steel in his eyes, but to him they needed too many set up changes in varying conditions. So we then set about building his latest set based on the principles of the Euro 11 darts. Peter went away determined to push us to the limit of meeting his exacting standards. He wanted a grip that was more aggressive yet subtle so that it didn't stick in his hand. The length, dimensions and balance had to meet his Euro 11's in every way - and yet still there was a final caveat they must look simply amazing and reflect the very essence of his personality on stage - so enter the Mamba 16's. Engineered using our multi-milled, tri-directional technology. The triple groove pattern of rings, buttress and bespoke DeltaTech grip was exactly what Peter was after. Peter said "It’s hard to explain to everyone out there just how much my desire is. I have to keep improving and win at the absolute highest level. This challenge was so in-depth that I felt that we may fall short. However, the smile on my face when I first held these darts was everything I needed to know. My original set was in 24g and these went so well that I was blown away - I've since swapped to a 22g version as I find this works better at events and on TV than it does back home in my practice room. I'm so convinced by these darts that I even bet the guys they won’t be making me another set for another year at least!" Whilst Peter throws darts like we can only dream of, you can get the best from his desire, dedication and passion to make the perfect set of darts, and the ones to date that most closely match his unbridled spirit and passion for the game. "Snakebite Mamba 16 –“obscenely good"” so said Peter Wright.

Red Dragon Dart - Peter Snakebite Wright Mamba Rainbow - 24g (Steel-Dart)

Gewicht / Weight

Länge / Length

Ø min.

Ø max.


54,60 mm

6,40 mm

6,40 mm

Bei Steeldarts reines Barrelgewicht, bei Softdarts Gesamtgewicht (Barrel,Schaft,Flight). Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr.

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